The Curie Case - a children's feature film (official website)


Andrey Hadjivasilev - director & co-producer

Andrey belongs to the new generation of contemporary Bulgarian directors. In 2004, he graduated with honors from the National High School of Polygraphy and Photography, specializing in Photography. Later on, he received a bachelor’s degree as a Film and TV Director and a master’s degree in Film Production. In 2009, he continued his education at the world-famous FAMU film academy in Prague, the Czech Republic. Andrey directed and produced the first Bulgarian 3D stereo documentary, Steps in the Fire, which received a documentary debut nomination by the Bulgarian Film Academy. Back in 2007, he founded his own company, Revive Vision, and since then it has produced a great number of TV commercials and music videos. Andrey loves working and spending time with kids, so the revival of the golden era of Bulgarian children’s movies has become a personal cause for him.

Plamen Yordanov - producer

Plamen was born in Sofia in 1954. In 1980, he graduated from the Karl Marx Higher Institute of Economics. He worked at the Bulgarian National Television between 1978 and 1982, and at the Boyana Film Studios between 1983 and 1990. In 1990, he founded the Incoms Project Production Company, which has been quite active and successful in movie production. During these years Plamen Yordanov has produced multiple TV series, movies and documentaries.

Bojidar Simeonov – director of photography

Bojidar began working in film industry in 1995, starting with sound in the studio and on location. In 2003, he found that the camera was his true calling. He enrolled in 3xM in the Netherlands to study video production. In 2005, he took a course in video production at NATFA with Emilia Stoeva and Yatsek Todorov. He has shot multiple diverse documentaries and movies, videos and commercials.

George Strezov – music composer

George has always been passionate about film scores. He developed an interest in this field and started working in it when he was just 15 years old, and since then he has composed music for a number of projects – TV series, short and full-length films, PC games, TV productions, TV commercials, radiobroadcasts, as well as a number of concert pieces. George has studied orchestration with one of the most famous and knowledgeable Bulgarian composers, Professor Alexander Tekeliev. He is a Master of Music in Choral Conducting and has studied with world-known Professor Adriana Blagoeva, the conductor of the Sofia Boys’ Choir. George received the Best Soundtrack award at the Bulgarian Game Awards and was nominated for Best Music Score by the Bulgarian Film Academy.

Sabina Ivanova – scriptwriter

Sabina has a degree in Polish language and literature and has studied postmodern literature and art history in Warsaw and Krakow. She likes travelling because after each new location she discovers a new life to tell. Sabina is a scriptwriter of documentaries and movies, TV series and shows. She has picked comedy, or maybe comedy often picks her. The Curie Case was her fateful encounter with the children’s movies and one thing was certain after that – they would be the love of her life. The world of children is the world of adults seen through the lenses that turn everything into a game. And writing about games is always worthwhile.

Plamena Velkovsky – scriptwriter

Plamena has a master’s degree in cinema studies from the New Bulgarian University. She is a scriptwriter of short and full-length films, TV shows and series. She defines herself as “a story collector.” The genres she prefers are comedy and parody. The Curie Case is her fourth project involving kids. Plamena likes writing for children because they challenge the imagination, and they are much better actors than the adults. Her favorite character in The Curie Case is Dara who would always prefer the chocolate muffin to the demi plie. Dara might be a minor character, yet to Plamena she is the funniest one in the movie.

Hristina Dyakova – production designer

Hristina is a production designer and she creates stage, cinema and costume design. At present she works on her PhD at the New Bulgarian University, where she also teaches. Her portfolio includes five full-length and eleven short films, six music videos and 20+ commercials. She has also created the costumes for ten theater plays. Hristina has one solo exhibition, as well as an international award for best production design.

Greta Stefanova – make-up and hair

Greta has a bachelor’s degree in ecology, but she has been a make-up artist for 15 years. She works for the fashion and advertising industry together with some of the best Bulgarian and foreign photographers and directors. She has done make-up for fashion magazines, pop, rap and folk music videos, as well as for a number of documentaries and feature films, TV shows and series.

Petko Lazarov – animal trainer

Petko is only 13, but he already has an extensive experience as an animal handler under the guidance of his father Stoyan Lazarov, who is an expert in the field. He has assisted in the following productions: The Mole, The Farm, 300, History Channel, as well as in multiple music videos and commercials. The Curie Case is his first movie as a head trainer of the white rat Marie Curie and the two additional long-tailed stand-ins.

Ilina Agova – ballet choreography

Ilina graduated from the National School of Dance, with an emphasis on classical ballet, and she continued her education in Ballet Teaching Studies at the Pancho Vladigerov National Academy of Music. At the Academy she also took a master’s degree as a ballet director. Ilina is a ballet dancer, a choreographer, a director of children’s ballet shows, and musicals. She has received a number of awards in choreography and dance arts at international competitions and festivals. Since 2012 she has been working as a teacher at the National Palace of Children. She is the director, tutor and choreographer of Allegretta Dance Studio.



creative team first draft of the script - Anna Damyanova, Kiril Orlov, Veni Petrova
first assistant director - Marin Dimitrov
script supervisor - Emilia Vasileva
production manager - Irena Yordanova
production coordinator - Yana Kalcheva
second cameraman - Emilian Dechev
first assistant camera - Evgeni Pane
assistant camera & lighting - Vasil Daskalov, Filip Bakalski
wardrobe - Janeta Ivanova
props - Irina Magdalincheva
second make-up artist - Nadejda Sokolova
make-up assistants - Fiore Makeup
boom operator - Desislav Velchev
sound designer - Vasil Daskalov
editor - Latchezar Kostov
animal trainer assistant - Stoyan Lazarov
video making - Anastasia Laskevich, Niya Veleva
still photographer - Filip Bakalski
graphic designer - Deian Pepeldjiysky

Special thanks to:

The National Palace of Children
Tatiana Doseva - Director
Albena Merdjanova - Assistant Director
Allegretta Dance Studio
Defisto Children’s Film Studio
Prof. Stanimir Trifonov
Ivan Minev
Pizza Restaurant PRADO