The Curie Case - a children's feature film (official website)


Anton Petrov (starring Martin Paunov)

Tony is eight years old and aspires to become a great scientist one day. His bedroom looks like a laboratory and the walls are lined with portraits of famous scientists and inventors. Tony has named his lab mice after each of them. At present, he is conducting a scientific experiment with a mice called Marie Curie. Tony wants to participate at the National Science Fair with her and to present his discoveries regarding the process of gaining muscle mass. Tony believes he is more mature than the other kids, he sees games and spending time with his peers as a waste of time. He is extremely honest and meticulous and he thinks that the answers of all the questions of life lie in science. He feels unappreciated but does not complain about it – instead, he builds a world of his own where he feels invincible. Tony avoids to admit his feelings, for example, he calls Marie Curie Object 8 in front of others, but actually he shares everything with her and seeks her understanding, incorporating her in his perception of the world. Tony does not lose his temper easily, he is calm and composed. He has only one weakness – his mouse Marie Curie.

Raya Ivanova (starring Zornitsa Ivanova)

Raya is eight as well and she is Tony’s neighbor. Her parents are rich, they travel all the time or go on vacations, so there’s always someone else to take care of her. She does not know yet what she wants to be when she grows up. She likes being a kid and doing mischiefs. Her parents have enrolled her in the School of Dance because she can spend her energy there and perform in public. Raya is energetic, resourceful, she likes to be at the center of attention. Her desire to be noticed pushes her to break the rules and do mischiefs. She thinks she can get away with anything. Punishments do not scare her, she is a good negotiator. Because of the constant lack of her parents in her life she has acquired a special attitude towards adults. Raya is good friends with the bully Stefan who is a bit older than her, and with her classmates Dara and Sonya.

Stefan Hadjichobanov (Yasen Kadiev)

Stefo is ten years old and is known as the local bully. Everyone is afraid of him. He bullies the younger kids and he is always getting into mischief just like Raya, but he does it to hurt people and not just to break the rules. He is not a true friend to Raya. He hangs out with her because he can use her to his advantage. He studies at the School of Dance as well, but he’s in the folk dance class.

Sonya (Ivet Mitova)

A friend and classmate of Raya’s. A teachers’ favorite. She looks and does everything perfectly. She’s thin and graceful. Her mother is Russian and she believes that one day Sonya will be a star at the Bolshoi Theater.

Dara (Nikoleta Maneva)

A friend and classmate of Raya’s. Dara is a lot of fun, but she is a clumsy dancer and not a big fan of ballet. She prefers to loaf about and eat desserts – her favorite are chocolate muffins. Her parents have bribed her way into the classical ballet class and are ready to do anything just to see her on the stage.

Ballet teacher (Ilina Agova)

Beautiful and in good shape, fine, elegant. She likes kids but not their mischiefs. Strict and just. Always ready to help her students and Mrs. Andreeva, the accompanist.

The piano accompanist (Nadejda Savova)

An elderly lady, well-dressed. The children love her and often play jokes on her.

The director (Mila Bancheva)

A former beauty, she cannot get used to the fact that she is not as thin and beautiful anymore as she used to be. She is prone to taking bribes in order to make the school better and more modern.

Sonya’s parents (Tanya Kojuharova and Julian Malinov)

Both of them are good-looking, blonde, and elegant. They have a sense of superiority about them.

Dara’s parents (Lora Mutisheva and Nikolay Varbanov)

Overweight, looking like simple country folk. They are willing to do anything to make their daughter a ballet dancer. The father is especially motivated to do anything in his power to achieve his goal.